Realm Talks To... David Jones

Posted on 31/5/2021 by Rebecca Blundell

In our latest edition of Realm Talks To..., we caught up with David Jones, Commercial Litigation Solicitor at Stephensons. In the interview, David provides us with an insight into the most interesting case he’s worked on, his biggest career inspirations and how he ultimately chose the law over becoming a professional skateboarder.

How do you usually start your working day?  

I start each working day (and every day for that matter) with a shower. It’s one of the things that helps me to fully wake up and makes me feel refreshed before I start the day. It also gives me a brief moment in the morning to be away from technology. In terms of actual work, I currently work remotely so I tend to log in and check for any urgent emails before getting a cup of tea. Once I get my tea, I try to create a list of the main things I want to achieve that day. Rarely does my day pan out as I had planned, but I think it’s helpful to try and create a bit of structure for the day ahead.  

At what age did you decide that the law was for you?  

I can’t say that law was always a career I was aiming for and other than my wild hopes of becoming a professional skateboarder, I was not really sure what I wanted to do. Law only came into play when I attended a university open day and spoke to people on the course. This started to pique my interest and as I did some more research and began to understand the different legal areas and careers paths available, this is probably the time when I started to think the law was for me.  

What’s been the proudest moment of your career so far?  

I think my proudest moment so far was actually qualifying as a solicitor. It was the realisation that after years of studying and a particularly difficult last couple of years studying the LPC part-time whilst also doing my training contract, that I had finally ‘done it'.  

Who’s the biggest inspiration in your career?  

I would say my biggest inspiration comes from my parents and their work ethic. They have a completely different and varied career path to me, including military, police and NHS, but they have always instilled a foundation of integrity and hard work which I hope to carry through into anything I do.  

What’s the most interesting case you’ve worked on?  

One of the most interesting cases I have worked on is actually a whistleblowing case. It was astonishing to see what can go on behind the scenes in large organisations and the lengths they will go to try and protect their reputation. The cherry on top was that we won the case, which was a great result for our client.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting in the law?  

It’s not a race. Take some time to get yourself as much exposure to different areas of law as possible and don’t worry about comparing yourself to other people who may have got a training contract or pupillage before you.  

Studying law can be very different to actually practising it, but remember that there are lots of different career paths within law to choose from and often many different ways to get there. Even if ultimately law is not for you, it can give you a great foundation for other career paths, particularly when it comes to analysing information and problem-solving.  

What’s your go-to work from home snack?  

Breakfast bars. I think it’s my false belief that they are perhaps healthier than other snacks, which is my excuse for occasionally having more than one.  

What are you most looking forward to doing now that lockdown is lifting?  

For me, more time with family. I also enjoy hiking and camping so it will be nice to get out a bit more and not have to constantly think about what you can do or where you can go.  

Do you prefer a night in or a night out?  

Sober me prefers a night in but after a few drinks, that can quickly change.  

What TV show are you currently bingeing?  

Nothing at the moment. I actually have not watched much TV recently as most of my evenings are currently spent renovating our new home, but after the work's done, I’m planning to watch Line of Duty. 

About David Jones 

David Jones is a Commercial Litigation Solicitor at Stephensons 

He qualified as a solicitor three years ago and has recently joined Stephensons. David has strong experience in dispute resolution and his role at Stephensons will see him working primarily within the property dispute section of the litigation team.

Realm talks to... David Jones


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