Employer Branding: Does It Matter?

Posted on 27/7/2017 by Katherine Memery

Employer branding has been pushed up the corporate agenda. Employment brand management is the number one area in which talent leaders wish they could invest more, with half of companies planning to increase their budget in this area over the next year.

Your employer brand is your company’s identity, values, purpose and offering. To articulate your brand power you must cultivate key messages based on your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and then deliver a consistent narrative to appeal to current and prospective employees.

A successful employer brand will make your firm stand out and attract the very best candidates. In fact, 80% of companies agree that a strong employer brand has a significant impact on the ability to hire talent.

Why is employer branding suddenly so important?

More traditional firms left candidates to make up their own mind about their organisation.  In today’s candidate-driven marketplace companies cannot be complacent. Instead, they must work ever harder to position themselves as the employer of choice if they expect to recruit high calibre candidates.

More and more jobseekers are approaching their job search as a buying decision. Before they apply to a particular firm, they are increasingly completing their own company research using social media and employer review websites like Glassdoor.

Candidates want to be able to educate themselves about a company and decide whether it’s a good cultural fit for them, suits their working style and constitutes a sound investment for their future career. Cultivating a strong employer brand and communicating it consistently well both internally and externally is crucial in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent.

Firms that fail to think about how they are viewed by prospective employees risk missing out on an opportunity to connect with promising individuals and are in danger of harming their prospects of long-term hiring success.

Measuring your employer brand

The number of applications you receive for each role and your retention rates are good indicators of brand strength. Your social media following is another useful measurement tool. If these metrics concern you, it might be time to reassess your employer offering and think objectively about how your brand is communicated. If this is difficult, speak to a Realm consultant.

How to bolster your employer brand

·         Speak to your team and communicate your values internally

No one is better when it comes to communicating your corporate brand than your employees. Encourage staff to give honest feedback. Ask them what they enjoy about working for you and what attracted them to the firm in the first place.

Communicate your employer brand within your firm by circulating information about company benefits, events and initiatives and encourage colleagues to share positive brand messages online.

·         Align your employer brand with your consumer brand

As mentioned above, the modern candidate identifies more as a consumer rather than a jobseeker. For an employer brand to create a lasting impression, it must reflect your consumer brand and create a consistent experience for both customers and candidates.

·         Review your application process and improve the candidate experience

A massive 60% of candidates quit during the process of completing online applications. If prospective employees become frustrated with your application process, this can harm your brand.

Have a go at filling out your form yourself. Is it complex? Overly long? Tedious? Does it make you feel more or less enthusiastic about working at your company? If you, the highly motivated employer, find the process arduous, what must the candidate think? Try to improve the application form; make it more succinct, user-friendly and make sure it’s optimised for mobile devices.

·         Boost your credibility

Creating content that showcases your employer brand is a great way of connecting with candidates. Interviews with employees and posts about your firm’s social and charity events give a preview of the real-life working environment, corporate culture and available opportunities, things that are important to the best millennial candidates.

Good quality, authentic, employee-generated content is valuable and will help to deliver better candidates. The longer a candidate spends considering your firm and engaging with your content, the more likely they are to align themselves with your company’s values. They’ll have a better understanding of your organisation, the role on offer and the kind of people you’re looking for.

How to promote your brand

Your employer brand needs to be clearly communicated at every stage of the hiring process, through every channel, but more especially on social media, via your company website or through a recruitment partner.

·         Use social media

A quarter of jobseekers use social media as their primary tool in their hunt. Don’t overlook your brand presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Encourage journalists and other influencers to talk about you.

Your social media accounts allow you to communicate your key messages and give candidates an opportunity to interact directly with your brand. Your social media strategy must allow you to reach out to prospective employees by sharing meaningful content that will appeal to them and reinforce your values.

·         Tidy up your careers page

When was the last time you took a hard look at your website careers page? This is where the majority of candidates will first come to research your brand. Does it tell visitors the right things about your company? An effective careers page is easy to navigate, gives an insight into your company and provides up-to-date, relevant information about your current vacancies.

  • Work with a professional recruiter

The way your recruiting team treat prospective employees, whether that be your in-house HR department or an external recruitment consultant reflects upon your brand.

Recruiters are the people who interact most with candidates and provide most of their application experience. Ensure that candidates always like what they see; when a candidate gets a negative impression of your company, you could lose out big time.

You can never completely control the way you are viewed by candidates. Your reputation as an employer is partly dependent on what people think and how you’re perceived by friends and family and in the media.

Taking the steps outlined above and being prepared to critically challenge your approach, however, will help to cultivate and strengthen your unique employer brand and improve your chances of winning in the ruthless war for talent.

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Employer Branding: Does It Matter?


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