Why You Should Think More About Your Career Goals

Posted on 26/8/2021 by Duane Cormell

Goals: easy to set, hard to achieve, essential to succeed  

Now I don’t want to be a doomsayer or anything but the negative impact of not having a career goal almost outweighs the positives of having one. So, let's start with the risks of not having a clear goal and scare you into thinking about them:  

By not having or working towards a clear goal you can likely get comfortable in your routine and in turn, become complacent and unknowingly forget to strive for your full potential. This can make your progression stagnate.   

I’ve seen this happen to many people and even myself when I was younger. I can tell you now, it’s not where you want to be. You can end up becoming disillusioned in your work and start to feel negative about yourself or even your workplace; not achieving anything or receiving any accolades for all the hours you’ve put in. It can be a very easy downward spiral.   

If that didn’t make you want to create clear career goals, maybe some positives can do the trick:  

1. With goals you have purpose  

The ‘why’ you’re doing what you’re doing. You can visibly see the direction you’re going. This motivates you to push that little bit harder, it gives you that extra resilience when tackling obstacles. Your goals are your reminder that you want better, you deserve better and you can achieve better. Don’t underestimate what they can do.  

2. Alertness to potential opportunities 

Goals can inadvertently make you more alert to potential opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise see so clearly.  

Here’s my alertness example: we’ve got Person A, let’s call him Disillusioned Duane. He doesn’t have a specific goal, but he’s happy enough with what he’s doing, he’s got his routine and he’s comfortable with that, but then an opportunity comes his way. He doesn’t know what he wants and can’t see how this opportunity could help him because he doesn’t know what or where he wants to end up.   

Person B on the other hand, let’s call him Driven Duane. He has his clear goals and ambition on his mind, he sees this opportunity, and even though he’s happy with his job and how he’s progressing, he’s got the mindset: “how do I hit my goal in the best way possible?” and so he decides to explore this opportunity to see if it aligns with his goals and if it does, he seizes it.  

3. YOLO 

I’m not one to yell YOLO but the truth of the matter is, the saying has some merit; you do only live once (if anyone wants to question that we can debate another time) and so why not be the best you can be?  

As mentioned earlier, having a goal provides a purpose, direction, and motivation, and most goals are put in place to better yourself. An old quote I read was “your achievement is only limited by your ambition” and by not having goals you have already hindered your achievement.  

Goals: easy to set, hard to achieve, essential to succeed.


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