Top Tips for Lawyers: Online Interviews

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Edward Sorrell

Online interviews are becoming more and more common in the workplace, and it comes as no surprise. Even before the pandemic lots of law firms did online interviews and those who didn’t, the pandemic made them have to. Now moving into a post-pandemic world, it seems the scepticism over online interviews wasn’t justified and many law firms have decided to keep on using them. 

Whether you are a Family Paralegal, a Clinical Negligence Solicitor or a Professional Indemnity Partner, online interviews are coming, so it’s best to prepare.  

At Realm, we have helped many lawyers to find, prepare and secure their next moves with an increasing number happening online. At the same time, we have also received lots of individual feedback from law firms as to why some lawyers haven’t managed to secure the move. With all this experience we have created the go-to guide for lawyers on how to ace your online interviews 

How to prepare for an online interview: 

  1. Choose your location – Figure out where you will do this online interview, you want to find a quiet place with adequate lighting, that is out of the way of any distractions e.g. kids, pets or the people you’re living with. 
  2. Test your technology – Neither you nor the interviewers want the technology to fail, so think ahead ask yourself these questions 
    1. Does the Wi-Fi work where I am sat 
    2. Do I know how to switch my web camera on and microphone on and do they work 
    3. Have I got somewhere to charge in case I run low on battery 
    4. If all else fails, do I have a backup plan (a phone, spare laptop etc.) 
  3. Minimise online distractions – You don’t want to have notifications popping up during your interview nor do you want loud alarms going off so make sure all other windows are closed and no alarms are going to go off. Save yourself the extra stress I’m sure you’re nervous enough 
  4. Don’t forget this is a normal interview – Prepare like one. Have you: 
    1. Practised answers to common interview questions 
    2. Familiarised yourself with your CV. You need to know your CV inside out, as most questions will be about your experiences to date. 
    3. Done your research, as you will need to demonstrate a level of knowledge about the firm and its team. 
    4. Prepared some questions to ask. 

How to ace your online interview: 

  1. Dress the part – it is surprising how many lawyers have not looked the part for their interview, don't be one of them. 
  2. Make “eye” contact – This is a very important part of normal interviews however it is different online. Staring into the eyes on the screen doesn’t reflect the same way for the interviewer so try your best to stare into the webcam when talking and listening. 
  3. Relax, practice don’t memorise – You don’t want to sound like a robot, nor do you want to sound like it is your first time even considering these questions, take deep breaths remember you have got yourself the interview, the law firm must like something about you, take that in your stride. 
  4. Equip yourself with a notepad and pen -It's worth making notes, as excitement and nerves can make you forget certain points. 
  5. Follow up after! - this is incredibly important, you’ve already done all the hard work just email the interviewers to thank them, as this can demonstrate real enthusiasm. 

If you want to know more or seek free advice tailored to your specialism or location call us on 03300 245 606. 

At Realm, we have specialists in all core legal practice areas. We work across Manchester, the North West, the Midlands and Yorkshire helping to connect talented lawyers with the right firms.  

Each of our consultants specialise within a niche of the market, both in terms of legal practice area and geographical region. They consequently have a thorough understanding of their specialism and have formed meaningful relationships with the law firms they work with. 

Top tips for Lawyers: Online Interviews


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