Assess your year, plan your future

Posted on 8/12/2021 by Edward Sorrell

The best way to plan your future is to learn from your past and improve upon it. By looking back at last year and figuring what went right and what went wrong, we can look to go forward. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions: 

  1. Overall was 2021 a good year? What went well and what went not so well and why? 
  2. Did I look after myself both physically and mentally? 
  3. Did I achieve my goals?  
  4. Did I use my time wisely? 

By reflecting on these 4  questions, you’ll be able to see the present clearly. You’ll be able to see what you have enjoyed, what you can improve and build further on. If it’s your physical health, you might decide you need to factor exercise into your daily routine and If your job is negatively affecting your mental health, it might be the right time to consider looking for a new opportunity. 

So now it’s time to plan your future: 

Start by writing out your big visions for your life, really think about what you want, take some time to think about this. Next, compare your big visions and your reflections on the last year to see if the grand visions are being tended to; are you going the direction you want to? By doing, so, you'll be able to see whether you want to improve on your current story or start a new chapter. 

Improve your current story: 

Goal setting - setting goals is incredibly important so much so we have a whole article on the importance of setting goals. In short – goals are easy to set, hard to achieve, essential to succeed. 

Keep your eyes on the prize – if you’re considering progressing up the rungs of the career ladder, making partner might be your ultimate goal. This year we will be releasing our Path to Partnership blog series, detailing the hard and soft skills essential for lawyers to achieve this very goal, don’t miss out! 

Start a new chapter 

If you want to write a new chapter and make a move to a new firm, you’re in the right place. As it turns out we help write new chapters and have a lot of experience doing so. Sometimes it’s best to start again, to freshen up and move on and we have seen many success stories from this. Whether you’re looking for a new legal role in the North West or a partner-level position in Yorkshire, we're here to help. 

Each of our consultants specialise within a niche of the market, both in terms of legal practice area and geographical region. They consequently have a thorough understanding of their specialism and have formed meaningful relationships with the law firms they work with. 

Call us on 03300 245 606 and have a free consultation, tailored CV advice and much more


Remember: The future is whatever you want it to be 

Assess your year, plan your future


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