Forever Manchester Week 2016

Posted on 17/6/2016 by Katherine Memery

Forever Manchester is a charity with a clear purpose, to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. Put simply, they believe everyone should have the opportunity to be happy. Donations have long come from individuals, families and businesses, but the inaugural Forever Manchester Week was a chance for the charity to really push on and appeal to a wider audience for help in supporting a range of fantastic causes. 

As part of the week, there was the Tour De Manc, Dress Like A Manc Day, and an exclusive Forever Manchester Beer, and a whole lot else. 

Here at Realm somebody spotted that the England Vs. Wales Euro 2016 match happened not only to fall during Forever Manchester Week but at 2pm on a work day. From that point it was obvious what we were going to do, a fundraising race with the reward being the chance to watch the football. The result was Realm Race to Raise and £160.93 banked for Forever Manchester. 

Based on this year’s success we wouldn’t bet against seeing a repeat of Forever Manchester Week next year, or the Realm Race to Raise for that matter. In the meantime, please donate to the cause and help support thousands of community projects across Greater Manchester by going to

For more information on all things Forever Manchester, visit or the events that took place during Forever Manchester Week go to

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