Refer a Friend: Terms & Conditions

Realm Recruit Ltd will pay up £500 in vouchers of your choice, providing your chosen outlet issues vouchers, where you refer someone to Realm whom Realm subsequently place in a job.

The following conditions apply:

  • The person must not be someone who Realm has had dealings with in the immediate 12 months prior
  • The person must not be someone who Realm has placed in a job at any point previously
  • The person must stay in the job Realm places them in for a minimum of 6 weeks and pass their probationary period
  • Payment of vouchers will be made only once the invoice relating to that payment has been settled by the company Realm has placed the person with and the person referred has passed their probationary period

The exact amount paid out in vouchers will be calculated taking into account the salary the person receives and the % rate at which Realm made the placement. 


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