Why Realm?

The legal recruitment market has never been more competitive. So why do law firms and lawyers alike keep choosing to work with us in particular?


A refreshingly collaborative, dynamic and human approach to legal recruitment and careers

Let’s face it – recruitment often gets a bad rep. Realm was set up to provide the legal market with something different. Where long-term relationships and doing the right thing would come before money, and where everyone was working toward the same goal: making sure the right lawyers are matched with the right firms, at the right time.

We’re nice people, we’re good at what we do – and you might even want to have a pint with us every now and again (not essential and we won’t be offended).

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Our values

How we help develop legal careers and sustainably grow law firms.

Refreshingly collaborative

We work with you, not against you, and ensure your unique needs are met.

Refreshingly dynamic

Whatever the shape and size of your challenge, we'll find a solution.

Refreshingly human

We are authentic, honest and friendly in our approach.


We believe that all lawyers should be matched with the right law firms

So what makes us the best in the market at doing just this?

We’re refreshingly niche
We’re incomparably specialist; because of this, we don’t just understand the areas we recruit in better than anyone else, but form genuine, long-term relationships with the lawyers and law firms practising in those areas. We’re building out our practice area specialisms all of the time, so that we can help more lawyers and provide greater legal market coverage for the firms we work with.

We’re refreshingly consultative
We offer data-driven insights and advice to the law firms we work with, and a choice of services that are actually fit-for-purpose for the state of the legal talent market. We are passionate about helping lawyers fulfil their unique potential and achieve their career goals – whether that be through a new role, or simply by providing career advice and insight.

We’re refreshingly honest
We’ve built Realm on strong values and practices that mirror those upheld by the law firms and lawyers we work with. For law firms, this means being clear on costs and fair on terms, as well as treating our clients with respect and always striving to do our best work. For lawyers, this means having a genuine interest in their happiness and career development, and only matching them with firms we know they will thrive in.

We're trusted by wonderful companies


Start your journey with Realm

We have specialists in all core legal practice areas, with each of our consultants working within a single legal niche. Their focused approach has enabled them to develop an unrivalled depth of market knowledge and build a solid reputation as an expert within their specialist area. Through our refreshing approach, underpinned by our five core values – to be refreshingly collaborative, consultative, dynamic, human, and niche – we help to develop careers and sustainably grow law firms.