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We’re on a mission to help law firms attract, recruit and retain the right lawyers through our refreshing approach to legal recruitment – because we know that when firms have the right lawyers, they grow more sustainably and are more profitable.


How we help connect law firms with the right talent

Lawyers specialise in one area to become true experts in their field – and our recruiters are no different. With each of our consultants covering just one practice area in a focused region, we know pretty much everyone you might want to recruit. When you partner with us, our strong, long-term relationships with the brightest legal talent become your relationships too, so we are better able to connect you with the right people. 

We provide an end-to-end, insight-driven service and partner with firms to deliver unique insight that will help you differentiate in a crowded talent market, cut time-to-hire and minimise the opportunity cost of empty seats. We ask the right questions of law firms and lawyers at each stage of the recruitment process, so we can put the right lawyers in front of you. This takes the guesswork out of recruitment and provides a catalyst for growth.  

We’ve invested in an experienced in-house marketing team to help you shout about your employer brand. We deliver value-added content to those open to moving firms now and help you build a stronger, long-term presence with those who will move in the future.  So, as well as connecting you with the right lawyers, we help the right lawyers find you. 

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Your options for working with us

We love to offer our clients the flexibility they want when recruiting through us. We keep things simple and are clear on costs from the outset.


Why you will love working with us

Because hundreds of law firms can't be wrong.

Incomparably specialist

With each of our consultants covering just one practice area in a focused region, we have engaged communities of specialist lawyers and are better able to connect you with the right people.


We provide an end-to-end, insight-driven service that takes the guesswork out of recruitment.

Brand ambassadors

We are your megaphone in the market to help the right lawyers find you.

Your competitors have a secret weapon


How do you attract talent when very few lawyers are looking to move?

If recruitment feels hard these days, it’s because it is. From our primary research, we know the number of lawyers looking for a new opportunity is not only tight but shrinking – and that this is proving to be not only a headache for most firms, but a growth inhibitor too.

So, it is even more important than before that you partner with the right recruiter to connect you with the talent you are looking for.

Unlike most recruitment agencies, who will only be investing in marketing to a shrinking pool of active jobseekers, we are investing in developing relationships with lawyers earlier on in their decision-making process, so that when they are ready to explore opportunities, they will come to us.

We have vast audiences across email marketing, social media and our video channels, and keep our talent pools highly engaged with content to help them with skill development and career progression.


Our latest Annual Report is now live

Each year, we conduct in-depth research to find out why lawyers are choosing to stay with their current employer or making them vulnerable to having their heads turned by other firms.

Our unique insight enables us to advise law firms on how to best attract and retain talent, build a strong employer value proposition, and ultimately, help them to grow sustainably.

Should firms be focussing on flexibility or culture? Pay or progression? Read our free report to find out.

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