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We help grow law firms sustainably through a refreshingly human and honest approach to recruitment, attraction and retention. We will help you find the talent you need to drive your firm forward while - importantly - keeping your retention rate high, to stop you from getting locked into an expensive hiring cycle.


How we help connect law firms with the right talent

When you choose Realm as your recruitment partner, our talent pools become your talent pools. Our specialists speak to over 275 lawyers every day, so your hiring partners, HR and resourcing teams can get on with their day job.

As well as assigning a specialist practice area recruiter to your role, you’ll also gain access to one of the largest and most skilled marketing teams in the legal recruitment space. Our best-in-class marketing strategy ensures that your vacancies are easily found by active candidates searching for opportunities in your region, and those who aren’t actively looking to move but could be persuaded for the right opportunity.

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Your options for working with us

We love to offer our clients the flexibility they want when recruiting through us. We keep things simple and are clear on costs from the outset.


Why you will love working with us

Because hundreds of law firms can't be wrong.

Incomparably specialist

Unlike any other recruiter, each of our consultants specialises in a particular practice area, which means they have outstanding market knowledge and an unrivalled talent pool.

Clear on cost

Upfront terms, no sliding scales - we simply offer a fixed percentage or cost based on the service you choose and are focussed on developing long-term relationships with law firms.

More than just recruiters

Yes, we help our clients find the best talent around - but we also help improve their employer brand, retention and engagement, driving profitability.

Your competitors have a secret weapon


How do you attract talent when very few lawyers are looking to move?

If recruitment feels hard these days, it’s because it is. From our primary research, we know the number of lawyers looking for a new opportunity is not only tight but shrinking – and that this is proving to be not only a headache for most firms, but a growth inhibitor too.

So, it is even more important than before that you partner with the right recruiter to connect you with the talent you are looking for.

Unlike most recruitment agencies, who will only be investing in marketing to a shrinking pool of active jobseekers, we are investing in developing relationships with lawyers earlier on in their decision-making process, so that when they are ready to explore opportunities, they will come to us.

We have vast audiences across email marketing, social media and our video channels, and keep our talent pools highly engaged with content to help them with skill development and career progression.


Our latest Annual Report is now live

Each year, we conduct in-depth research to find out why lawyers are choosing to stay with their current employer or making them vulnerable to having their heads turned by other firms.

Our unique insight enables us to advise law firms on how to best attract and retain talent, build a strong employer value proposition, and ultimately, help them to grow sustainably.

Should firms be focussing on flexibility or culture? Pay or progression? Read our free report to find out.

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