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At Realm, we’re not just recruiters. We’re passionate about partnering with legal professionals throughout their careers to get them to where they want to be. That’s why our specialist consultants are here for you even when you aren’t looking for a new opportunity.


Legal career advice whenever you need it

We invite you to contact us whenever you are looking for advice in your career – perhaps you want to benchmark your salary against the market, or you want to smash your upcoming appraisal. Whatever the milestone, our team are here to empower you with the knowledge to develop your career so that your work life is as rewarding as possible.


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We’re here to help you progress at work even when you aren’t looking for a new role.

Our Career Accelerator is designed to help you develop your skills, get advice from respected lawyers in your field and better understand the opportunities out there for you in the legal sector.

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Our practice areas

Each of our consultants specialise within a niche of the market, both in terms of legal practice area and geographical region. Because of this, they have a thorough understanding of their specialism and have formed meaningful relationships with the law firms they work with.

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