Our recruitment services

Realm helps grow law firms sustainably through a refreshingly human and honest approach to recruitment, attraction and retention.


We are incomparably specialist to help you pinpoint the talent you need

Lawyers only specialise in one field, and we think recruitment should be the same. Unlike other agencies, each of our consultants specialises in a particular practice area. This means we have been able to scope out the entire market and provide you with unrivalled knowledge of who is looking to move, who isn’t, and who might just be open to moving for the right role…

We're trusted by wonderful companies

Explore our full range of recruitment services

We know law firms need the ultimate flexibility to stay competitive in today's talent market. Here's how we help you stay one step ahead.

Contingency Search

The most flexible of our services – you only pay if we place someone with you. Most firms start working with us on this basis and develop into other services when they see our results.

Search & Selection

A highly targeted service, this is the best option for when you are looking to work very closely with us on a senior hire or for someone with specific experience.

Attraction & Retention

For forward-thinking firms who want to reduce overall recruitment costs and drive sustainable growth by improving time-to-hire and increasing employee retention rates.

Employer Brand Marketing

Realm can help put your employer brand in front of future talent in support of an open vacancy or as part of a longer-term employer brand-building campaign.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development For Law Firms

We can help you assess what makes your firm truly unique and develop an EVP that is extremely attractive to the legal talent market.

Employer Benchmarking

We can conduct market research on behalf of your firm as a whole or for individual practice areas to support a recruitment and retention drive.

Why you will love working with us

We love to offer our clients the flexibility they want when recruiting through us. We keep things simple and are clear on costs from the outset.

Incomparably specialist

Unlike any other recruiter, each of our consultants specialises in a particular practice area, which means they have outstanding market knowledge and an unrivalled talent pool.

Clear on cost

Upfront terms, no sliding scales - we simply offer a fixed percentage or cost based on the service you choose and are focussed on developing long-term relationships with law firms.

More than just recruiters

Yes, we help our clients find the best talent around - but we also help improve their employer brand, retention and engagement, driving profitability.