Career Spotlight - Duane Cormell

Posted on 14/11/2019 by Katherine Memery

In our Career Spotlight feature, we catch up with each member of the Realm team to talk about where they came from, what their job involves and how they’ve grown since joining the business.

This month, it’s our director Duane in the hot seat, who co-founded Realm in November 2017.

What did you do before you joined Realm and how did you end up working in legal recruitment?

I spent several years working in a legal recruitment agency that I joined fresh out of university. Having studied law, I intended to do the BPTC (or BVC as it was called then) and become a barrister, with a year or two working in recruitment beforehand intended to be a way to pay off a bit of student debt before amassing a whole load more. However, I took to legal recruitment more than I expected and so I decided to just keep going with it. And so, whilst I didn’t exactly fall into recruitment, like most recruiters, I’ve almost unintentionally made a career out of it.


Why did you join Realm?

I co-founded Realm in 2015 after becoming a bit disillusioned with the way I saw recruitment being done elsewhere. It felt for a time like a scattergun approach was the only way to be successful in a larger recruitment agency and that didn’t sit well with me, so I set out to do things differently and offer more of a personal and tailored service.


What does your role at Realm involve?

A lot of variety! As much as I still enjoy a lot contact with key clients, I am less involved in recruiting for them the more time that passes. I am responsible for the strategy and direction of Realm, managing the performance of the business as a whole and the individuals within the team, and coaching team members. We work in a very open, collegiate way here and so I actually find that I spend a lot of my time on unplanned conversations with other team members, discussing problems and ideas.


What has been the biggest achievement of your career so far?

Leading Realm to the point that it is at today – a respected, ethical and profitable business that people are proud to work for.


How has working at Realm helped you in your career development?

Trying to establish and grow a business has been a steep learning curve and I’ve had to learn an awful lot on the job. From that perspective, it has forced me to develop new skills and a perspective that I otherwise wouldn’t have.




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