Realm Talks To...Liam Parker-Worsley

Posted on 25/4/2022 by Joseph Shenton

In this instalment of Realm Talks To..., personal injury recruitment specialist Joseph caught up with Liam Parker-Worsley, Human Resources Advisor at HCC Solicitors. During their chat, Liam shared the proudest moment of his career so far, his favourite podcast and who would be invited to his dream dinner party.  

How do you usually start your working day? 

When I arrive at the office, I take some time to greet my colleagues and have a catch up about the night or weekend before. I have a really good relationship with my team and a lot of shared interests so often have a fair bit to talk about! When I log on, I like to take the opportunity to look at my diary to help plan my day. I’ll go through my inbox and note down the importance of each task. From there, I can approach my day at a solid pace and ensure all the important jobs are ticked off. 

What’s been the proudest moment of your career so far? 

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to work on some diverse projects and initiatives from start to finish. However, I have one main initiative which I managed to completion from the initial idea stage to implementation. This was the implementation of an Employer Supported Volunteering scheme here at HCC. The scheme allows our employees an additional day’s leave per year to represent a charitable organisation of their choice during a day where they might normally be busy working. The flexibility of our scheme means that we are allowing our staff the freedom to express their desire to volunteer and support charitable organisations without detriment to themselves. The scheme also acts as a fantastic introduction for those who have never done it before, as it provides a channel for us to introduce our staff to a range of organisations that we have worked closely with and provided support to in the past. This project was totally new to me and gave me my first experience in policy and procedure design. I am pleased to report that the initiative is still supported and the organisation actively promotes this. 

When it comes to recruiting for your team, what do you look for in a lawyer? 

As a people-centred organisation, we are always on the lookout for personable and collaborative lawyers to join the team. There’s a great sense of comradery throughout the companies we support. The company has a great focus on internal progression and upskilling, so we are always open to those willing to join the team, get their foot in the door, and begin their climb up the legal ladder. I can share countless stories of individuals who have joined the team and subsequently moved up into fee earning roles or running higher value caseloads. Essentially, there isn’t a specific skillset or qualifications needed to join the team, but having a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn certainly helps. 

Do you have a favourite podcast? 

I’m a big fan of Jaack’s Happy Hour Podcast, I really enjoy the diversity of the guests as well as the very down to earth and casual approach to some really sensitive topics. Promoting discussion around our own day to day struggles is something that is, refreshingly, becoming more normalised and I really enjoy that. 

Do you prefer a night in or a night out? 

If you asked me before the pandemic, I would have given you a very different answer, however, in my ripe old age of 25 I much prefer a night in and an early night. 

Which 3 people would you invite to your dream dinner party? 

I must say this is the toughest question you’ve asked me! I would say David Attenborough first of all, needs no explanation, he’s a national treasure! Secondly, I would invite Patrice Evra, as a Manchester United fan, he has been one of my all-time favourite players, he’s also absolutely hilarious so he’d provide entertainment for the evening. The third would be Taika Waititi, a fabulous actor and director of one of my favourite films, Thor Ragnarok!  

About Liam Parker-Worsley 

Liam is a Human Resources Advisor at personal injury law firm HCC Solicitors in Manchester. 

He works within the firm's HR and Resourcing department and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD). 


Realm Talks To...Liam Parker-Worsley


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