Realm Talks To...Warren Heyman

Posted on 15/7/2022 by Rebecca Blundell

In this edition of Realm Talks To..., our litigation specialist Rebecca caught up with Warren Heyman, Partner and Head of Litigation at Blackstone Solicitors. Topics of conversation included why Warren chose to become a litigator, his morning routine and his nostalgia for the Manchester United of the 80s and 90s. 


How do you usually start your working day? 

It usually starts with helping my 3 young girls with breakfast, getting dressed and all set for the bus stop. This is followed by a cup of coffee and a 5-minute drive to the office where I plot the day ahead.  

You recently joined Blackstone Solicitors as their Head of Litigation – what was it there that attracted you to the firm? 

Emma Nawaz has built up a strong practice with a loyal client base local to where I live undertaking high-value work nationwide. The future is very exciting as the department (and firm) continues to grow. Blackstone offers an extremely rewarding work/life balance to all its staff.

Why did you decide that litigation was the practice area for you? 

My late father was a strong commercial litigator and I often had work experience at his practice when I was at school. I always enjoyed listening to his clients’ stories and attending court and I knew that the adversarial side of the law was where I wanted to be.  It is in the blood. 

What do the next 12 months hold for you and your team at Blackstone Solicitors? 

It is essential that we continue to attract excellent work from excellent clients whilst continuing to grow the team with hardworking and easy-to-get-along-with staff.  I really like the ethos of the firm and I am extremely keen to ensure the department’s development moving forwards. 

Who do you turn to for advice? 

Family, friends and Instagram memes. 

What TV show are you currently binging? 

I tend not to watch anything too heavy after a day at the office – The Good Place and Brooklyn 99 are regular go to programmes for me.  Any football documentary is essential viewing and I regularly find myself getting lost in a Youtube wormhole watching old Manchester United games from the 80s and 90s. 


About Warren Heyman 

Warren Heyman is a Partner and Head of Litigation at Blackstone Solicitors.  

He has been a commercial litigator for over 20 years and is experienced in representing clients on high-value legal disputes both nationally and internationally.  


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