How to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Gets You Noticed By Employers

Posted on 22/8/2016 by Katherine Memery

In recent years, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding platform. As many as 90% of recruiters using the site every day. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, it’s important that you take advantage of LinkedIn’s unique features to help enhance your personal brand and expand your professional network.

In contrast to a traditional CV, your LinkedIn profile allows you to paint a much broader picture of yourself, visually showcase your skills and achievements and incorporate recommendations and endorsements from employers, colleagues and clients. Keep reading to find out how you can make sure you have a top-notch profile that will get you noticed by the right people.

Choose the perfect profile picture

While it’s frowned upon to include a photo on your CV, on LinkedIn, having a profile picture makes your page 14 times more likely to be viewed. What’s more, a good profile picture can help to convey soft skills that are hard to communicate in writing, like your passion, energy and charisma. Pick a professional-looking photo in which you've dressed appropriately for your industry and have a friendly and relaxed expression to create a great first impression.

Craft a compelling headline

As well as your profile picture, your headline is critical in making your profile stand out. By default, your headline consists of your most current role and employer, but by thoughtfully rewriting it, you can inject some creativity and make it more likely to grab people’s attention.

Think about who you want to find your profile and speak to them directly, promoting your personal brand. You’ve only got 120 characters, so succinctly state your speciality, your level of expertise and what sets you apart from the rest of the field.

Write a stunning summary

On the other hand, the summary section offers you 2000 words to back up the claims you’ve made in your headline. It’s where you can really showcase your professional achievements and differentiate yourself from others. 

Within your summary, explain what you’re really about, how you got into your industry and why you love it. Convey your expertise as well as your enthusiasm to learn and take on new challenges. While in your CV you might write in the third person, on LinkedIn you should really express your personality and write in the first-person as if you were having a conversation with the reader.

Once again, think about your target audience and the information they’ll be looking for. From an SEO point of view, you should include relevant keywords to increase the visibility of your profile. Use the words employers and recruiters will be using when looking for people with your industry experience.

At the end of your summary, encourage readers to get in touch and continue the conversation.

Use media

The more visually appealing your profile, the better. By using media to accompany the information you’ve given about your experience, you can quickly and easily make your profile more enticing. Attach videos of presentations you’ve given, links to articles you’ve written or press releases about projects you’ve worked on to visually represent your achievements.

Join relevant groups

One of LinkedIn’s main selling points is that it allows you to easily network with others in your industry. Joining the platform’s groups is one of the main ways you can instantly connect with others in your industry and increase your exposure to people who are looking for people with your particular skill set.

However, it’s not enough to simply join relevant LinkedIn groups. You need to actively participate in them, join conversations and show that you’re engaged in your field.

Going a step further and starting your own group is a powerful way of positioning yourself as a strong candidate in your field. Find a specific area of your industry that really interests you and show employers that you know your stuff. This will demonstrate drive and leadership, is likely to give you the edge on competitors and help you make more meaningful connections.

Ask for recommendations

Because they involve someone taking the time to provide details about your strengths and achievements, positive recommendations will significantly bolster your profile. Reach out to past colleagues, managers and clients and ask them to validate the skills and expertise you’ve communicated in your profile.

Be active!

While there are over 450 million users of LinkedIn worldwide, only 40% of people use the site daily. To make sure you get the best exposure, it’s essential that you update your status regularly. Ideally, you should update your status at least once a week. Share relevant content and express your opinion on sector news to show that you’re immersed in your industry.

For recruiters, LinkedIn has become an invaluable resource for finding talent. If you’re in the market for a new job, fully utilising your LinkedIn profile will undoubtedly maximise your chances of getting hired. However, creating and maintaining a personal brand is important for all professionals, not just job seekers. Not only will a comprehensive and eye-catching LinkedIn profile help you to keep on top of industry developments, but it will widen your network and enrich your professional development.

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How to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Gets You Noticed By Employers


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