Our Values

At Realm. we are driven by our five core values, which underpin our refreshing and personalised recruitment service to the region’s lawyers and law firms.



A refreshingly human approach to legal recruitment

At Realm, we pride ourselves on our personal approach. We are passionate about developing long-term relationships with our clients and candidates to help both careers and businesses flourish.

You’ll never be left unsure about where you stand and will be guided through the recruitment process. 

Our friendly consultants are efficient, attentive and will explain everything to you in plain English. If you ever have any questions or queries, they are easily contactable and will keep you in the loop at all times.

A refreshingly candid approach to legal recruitment

We will always speak to you candidly about what we believe is in your best interests. If you’re a lawyer looking to take your next step, we’ll be open with you about your options and will never shoehorn you into a role that won’t benefit you and your career.

Likewise, if you’re an employer, we’ll only submit candidates if we believe they are suitable for your business. We’ll give you frank advice on the best way to conduct the recruitment process and an honest evaluation of the individuals you meet with.

A refreshingly niche approach to legal recruitment

Each of our recruitment consultants is ultra-specialist working in a particular niche of the legal profession. They have a thorough understanding of the state of the market relating to the practice area they focus on and are perfectly placed to advise those working in their specialist area.

What’s more, they have established relationships with talented individuals and key law firms within their niche, so they are perfectly positioned to connect clients with top-calibre candidates.

Our narrow but deep focus allows us to get to know our clients and their law firms properly. Our consultants are then able to consider our clients’ business plans and therefore accurately anticipate both their long- and short-term requirements.

A refreshingly dynamic approach to legal recruitment

While we appreciate the value of traditional recruitment methods and the importance of building human relationships, we’re also forward-thinking in our outlook. At Realm, we welcome innovation and technology and are open to embracing modern ways of working.

A refreshingly consultative approach to legal recruitment

We’re not just legal recruiters, we’re legal recruitment consultants. This means that we’re more than transactors of CVs.

We work closely with the lawyers whose careers we help develop, providing them with sound market advice and practical guidance to help them navigate the legal recruitment process. 

We partner with the law firms we recruit for, not just filling their vacancies, but helping them grow and plan for the future.

At Realm, we’re in it for the long-haul and prefer to form lasting partnerships with the firms and individuals we work with. Contrasted with the salesy approach of some recruiters, our consultative methods enable us to develop an in-depth insight so that we can match the right firms with the right people. 

Intrigued? To learn more about Realm Recruit and how we can help you with your legal recruitment needs, get in touch.

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