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Realm Recruit Does Complex Car Share


Video Interview
5 April 2019
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I recently had the pleasure of tagging along for a ComplexHR Carshare. The idea was that I’d use the opportunity to interview the Helens for our ‘Realm Talks To’ feature. However, from the moment I stepped into the car and found Monty the dog sharing the backseat with me, it was clear that the next 40 minutes would almost certainly follow the usual Carshare narrative!


Although I did manage to ask Helen and Helen a few questions, not least about how they intend on celebrating Complex’s 3rd birthday later this year, the highlights of our drive didn’t really come from the Q&A. The best bits were Helen K-B driving past the part of McDonald’s drive-thru where you actually order, the story of Helen K-B’s first trip to Aldi, and a discussion of Helen M’s drink of choice, so I’ve decided that it’s those bits that I’ll share with you!

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